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Matt Was Here

Is Death the end? Or is it just the beginning of a different story?


When high school football player Matt takes his own life, he regrets his decision. Now he will be 16 years old forever, caught in the saddest day of his life. His family will never recover, and it's all his fault. To his surprise, Matt discovers that there is another place beyond the life he knew, a place where he can learn and grow. He has relatives from his past to guide him, and new friends to meet along the way.


Now Matt just needs to figure out how to send signs to his family and friends, to help them understand that the end of life is not the end of everything. He needs them to know; Matt Was Here.

Closer Than We Appear
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When Nadine’s brother Matt dies from suicide, her life changes in an instant.  She must face adulthood without her brother's support.  Her mom Lottie tries her best to help, but it's not the same.

Now in her thirties, Nadine grieves Matt’s loss once more as she recognizes the parallels between her children's special relationship and the one Nadine shared with her own brother.


Sometimes we feel alone as we travel through life, and we wonder if we'll make it through the hard times.  Little do we know, we're closer than we appear--to each other and to the place we need to be. 

Tending the Garden of Memories 

A Companion for Grieving Parents

Grief is more than an emotion; it’s an all-encompassing state of being. It invades every aspect of life from morning till night. Every person in the world experiences grief at some point, but everyone lives it differently. And hardly anyone talks about it.
     The loss of a child triggers a distinct type of grief, as you long for the child of the past and the adult of the future. Children are the embodiment of hope, children have the potential to be wishes come true. A child’s death is shattering.
    What on earth are we supposed to do when we lose a child? Nobody knows for sure. This is not a how-to book, a self-help book, or a therapy book. This is exactly what it says in the title: a companion. As a parent who has suffered the loss of a child, the author walks beside you, offering a hand to hold and a shoulder to cry on. 

     When you feel like you’re alone and nobody understands, pick up this book and read a page or two. Then you’ll remember: we’re in this together.


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Becky Adams grew up in a small New England town, the oldest of three daughters. She learned to read in kindergarten and has loved books ever since. Her favorite childhood pastimes were climbing trees and reading books; sometimes reading books in trees.


Adams graduated summa cum laude from URI in December 1990, earning her Master's degree from RIC in January 1994. Neither of her degrees had a focus on literature. Nevertheless, Adams dreamed of writing a novel; her home became littered with unfinished manuscripts. Full-time employment, marriage, and children took priority over finishing her works. 


In 2017, Adams’s 16-year-old son Matthew died from suicide. Shattered by the loss of her precious child, Adams was faced with the task of reinventing her life. Writing her first novel allowed Adams to cope with the loss of Matt and regain her enjoyment of life. She believes that life is long:  make the best of it, make it count! 


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